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TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth Logo Design Submissions|大会徽标征集
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  The TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth Event 2024 is scheduled for September and focuses on the profound theme,“Our Changing World”to explore opportunities and challenges in our changing world.To this end,we specifically launched logo competition.The final selected candidate will receive the following benefits:
  Benefits of the selected candidate
  The selected logo to be used on TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth's event posters,badges and other promotional materials;
  A 3-5-minute speech to explain the origin of their innovative ideas on the TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth stage;
  Certificates issued by TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth Conference;
  Exquisite souvenirs;
  2024年TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth大会计划于9月份在广州科学城爱莎外籍人员子女学校举办,本次大会将聚焦“Our Changing World”这一深刻主题,以探寻世界变迁中的机遇与挑战。为此,我们特别启动徽标征集活动,最终获选者将获得以下权益:
  获选的徽标将用在TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth的活动海报、活动徽章等宣传物料上;
  TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth大会3-5分钟的演讲时间,阐述您创意的由来;
  TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth大会颁发的证书;
  Our Changing World
  The world is in an era of constant evolution and renewal.From macro-technological innovation,the waves of globalisation,environmental issues,to micro-interpersonal interaction and,individual choices,every tiny small change is brought together into a powerful force that drives us towards a broader and more complex future.In the face of such change,how do we understand it,adapt to it,and use it to create a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow?This is an important issue before facing each of us.
  Now,we sincerely invite you to bring your innovative ideas and harness your creativity to design a logo that captures the meaning of“Our Changing World”.Please consider the points below and follow the guidelines.
  现在,我们诚挚地邀请你,挥动你手中的画笔,发挥你无限的创意,与我们携手解答这个问题。展现你心中对于“Our Changing World”的想法,与我们共同探索这个充满无限可能的世界。
  Activity Details
  A.Design Requirements设计要求
  *Global and innovative
  Conveys a global vision,reflecting a deep and unique insight and unique insight into the world's changes
  *Focus on the changes occurring in the world
  Covering but not limited to the many dimensions of technology,environment,society,exhibiting the richness and diversity of the change in the world.
  *Simple and powerful
  Bright colours,novel design,ambitious,with a strong visual impact.
  *Adaptive,easy to use
  Should be systematic and extensive,adapted to different visual applications scenarios,conducive to the promotion of applications.
  *Adhere to original,avoid copying
  Posts must be original,not previously published in any form;has not participated in other evaluation activities and is not a public work.
  B.Format Requirements作品格式要求
  1.Hand-drawn scans or photographs both can be submitted as an electronic version.
  2.If the image:format is jpg or,png,the resolution must not be less than 600*600 dpi.
  C.Posting method投稿方式
  After compressing the work,please name it as follows:"Personal name+campus class+TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth(LOGO)Design Proposal"and send it to isa.academy isaintlacademy.com.At the same time,please attach detailed design instructions and ideas so that we can better understand your creative intentions.
  请将作品压缩后,命名为“个人姓名+校区班级+TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth(LOGO)设计方案”,发送至学苑邮箱:isa.academy isaintlacademy.com。同时,请附上详细的设计说明和理念,以便我们更好地理解你的创作想法。
  If your design is successfully selected,we will notify you by email by 30 July.
  We look forward to your participation in the design competition.Your creative designs will help make the TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth Event more impressive,and will help focus attention on the theme of“Our Changing World”.
  我们期待您的参与,TEDxISA Guangzhou Youth将因为您的创意更放异彩,我们一起用创意和行动,迎接这个世界的每一个变化。

  Registration link:


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