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  "Sing for Anyang"
  Notice on the Global Collection and Selection for Anyang Theme Songs
  Guide:The Publicity Department of CPC Anyang Municipal Committee
  Host:Anyang Media Group
  Co-Hosts:Anyang Musicians'Association,FM100.8 Anyang Life Radio,CMCC Anyang,China Unicom Anyang,China Telecom Anyang
  2.Time for Collection
  Present to Apr 30,2023
  Professional and amateur lyricists and composers(singers and musicians included)
  (1)With the theme of telling a city story of Anyang,popularizing its city spirit and passing on the stamp of the times on it,the work should feature Anyang factors and Anyang styles.
  (2)With a distinctive theme and contemporary characteristic,the work should be of vivid lyrics,beautiful melody,ease of popularity and strong artistic expression and appeal,though not limited in languages,types,forms and styles.
  (3)The work should be complete and longer than 2 minutes;Accapella and instrumental music and other music that are of no lyrics are not accepted.
  (4)Entries should be original ones that are newly created or haven't been published.remixed works and cover versions are not acceptable.Entries should not violate copyright and other intellectual property rights of any third parties,otherwise the participating right of violators will be cancelled by the organizer,and certificates and awards recalled.Any responsibilities thereof shall be born by the entry providers.
  (5)The host enjoys the permanent non-commercial right of use and copyright of the entries.By participating in the selection,contributors allow performances,promotions,publication of scores and audio&video recording of the works and their remixed versions carried out by the host.
  (6)All works can not be retrieved upon entry,participants should therefore keep the original files.By participating in this activity,participants agree with its rules the explanation right of which belongs to the host.
  5.Contributing channel
  Signing-in information and participating works should be submitted online:
  (1)Participating songs should be finished musical works in the form of MP3 or Wav and less than 3M in size.
  (2)A complete score with lyrics and an introduction of the work should be provided in the format of pdf or jpg,with information on the lyricist,composer,singer and contact.
  3.所有参评歌曲及文字信息等材料发送至邮箱wwaycsg 163.com,文件格式均为“作品名+姓名”。
  (3)All participating songs and information thereof should be sent to the email wwaycsg 163.com,with the file name"name of the work+name of the provider".
  6 Selection procedure
  (1)Collecting stage
  From present day to Jan 31,2023 participants submit online original works,while the host collects and sorts them.
  (2)Primary selection
  ①Primary screening.Selection experts will be invited to conduct a primary screening of all the works in accordance with the collection requirements.
  ②Play and show.Excellent works that survive the primary screening will be played and showed on FM100.8 Anyang Life Radio and other platforms such as client sides of the Anyang Media Group or partners above the provincial level.
  ③Online vote.Netizens both Chinese and foreign will vote online on the song collecting platform.
  (3)Final selection
  Senior producers and renowned experts will select award-winning works from the entries after a professional review.
  Award-winning works will be announced on news media.
  This collection is for participants from around the world.Based on professional review with consideration given to the online play,the following awards will be produced(award money in RMB yuan):1 Best City Theme Song with 100,000 yuan,3 Excellent Songs with 30,000 yuan and 8 finalist songs with 10,000 yuan.Foreign winners may receive the award money converted in accordance with the exchange rates,while tax related to the awards shall be born by the winners.Some awards could be vacant as things may stand.

  There will be Excellent Organizing Awards for those who should make special contributions to the collection activity.


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